Brighton Colorado's premier preschool program for fun and engaging discovery and learning

"My" Little World Preschool & Childcare is a great place to be a two year old kid.Here at “My” Little World Preschool & Childcare Center of Brighton Colorado we capture your three year old’s natural curiosity with our Preschool Program. There are many opportunities to create meaningful and engaging investigations. Our curriculum provides age-appropriate activities and materials, developing essential school readiness skills through exploration, planned experiences, and of course, fun! While it is extremely important to understand that all children develop at their own rate, below are some typical milestones you can expect to occur.

Our preschool curriculum addresses these outcomes:

Language Development & Emergent Literacy — The ability to answer simple questions about a story, rhyme, or song, communicate through scribbling and speak in longer sentences.

Mathematics — The ability to count to 10 and beyond, learn patterns and series of objects and know that written numbers represent quantity.

"My" Little World Preschool & Childcare of Brighton, Colorado--Preschool Program classroomLearning about the World & Science — The skill to use objects in a variety of ways, notice differences in results and use tools and measuring devices to explore.

Social & Emotional — The knack to follow rules, eager to help with chores and begin to cooperate with others.

"My" Little World Preschool & Childcare of Brighton, Colorado--Preschool Program classroomApproaches to Learning — The capability to make independent choices, become more imaginative and inventive and participates in a wider variety of experiences.

Physical Health & Development — Increased coordination in using scissors, increased strength and stamina and will point to body parts on self when named.