Brighton Colorado's premier learning and development center for toddler care

Toddler 1 is the "My" Little World Preschool & Childcare (Brighton, Colorado) program for the stage of transition from infant to toddler where your child learns sitting, standing, taking those first steps, and so much more.The toddler care program at “My” Little World Preschool & Childcare of Brighton Colorado works to strengthen all aspects of your growing toddler’s development:

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT & EMERGENT LITERACY— Points to objects when named, experiments with sounds and names familiar objects in book. We hold two-way conversations with your child every day. We make comments about what they are working on and what they see, hear, feel and taste.

MATHEMATICS — Shows interest in colors and patterns, matches like shapes in simple puzzles and fills and dumps objects.

CREATIVE ARTS & EXPRESSION — Your child will begin to make marks with writing materials. As your toddler develops they will continue to explore their abilities with music, art and drama with the help of our developmentally appropriate learning centers located within each classroom.

"My" Little World Preschool & Childcare of Brighton, Colorado, Toddler Program classroom.PHYSICAL HEALTH & DEVELOPMENT — With your toddler on the move, a busy body is a healthy body! Whether it’s crawling, walking, reaching, or tossing, we help your child learn all about their body, and celebrate their accomplishments both great and small. They are learning to stack blocks or toys, independent walking and beginning to climb.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT — A child’s social-emotional development is as important as her brain and physical development. They will begin to play independently, discover how to respond to social situations and acquire a sense of who they are in the world. We believe that healthy and happy children understand the importance of friendship and harmony with their teachers and peers. “My” Little World Preschool is designed to maximize friendly interaction between each child and their teachers.

LEARNING ABOUT THE WORLD OF SCIENCE — Children will focus on using their senses to explore, manipulating new toys/objects to see what they will do and show interest in the environment (rocks, clouds, etc.)